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Selected Films


Clay Bolt


Clay Bolt is a natural history and conservation photographer for World Wildlife Fund and has been featured in prominent magazines such as National Geographic. Affectionately referred to as the bug guy, Clay explains how and why he focuses on 99% of life on earth that is smaller than your finger.

A Bears Ears Symphony


In December of 2017, a presidential order stripped Bears Ears National to 15% of the original size. This is a Symphony of Place film about these lands.

Yellowstone Crusader

Director, Director of Photography

A day in Yellowstone National Park seen from the perspective of a red tail fox, our yellowstone crusader.

Into the who Knows

Aerial Cinematographer

Ten year old Thomas has a best friend: Felix the Fox. But his parents want him to make “real friends”, so they send him to summer camp. He hates it. So he and Felix make a midnight escape.

Deep in the forest of the Who Knows they pursue a mythical being called the Totem, and decide to catch it.



Love's Labour's Lost

Aerial Cinematographer

Ferdinand, the student president of Navarre Academy, leads three of his comrades in making a chastity vow in order to focus on their studies. However, with the arrival of four new girls at their school, including the Princess of Aquitane and her sultry friend Rosaline, the boys can't help but quickly fall for each of their new classmates.




Aerial Cinematographer

A wild child befriends a lonely homeless woman and takes her to his tribal den. Their adventures lead them to a strange place deep into their dreams.